The Providence Fairfax Introduces Resident Referral Program

September 1, 2021

Good friends make great neighbors. In retirement, you finally get to choose who you spend time with, and why not surround yourself with those who bring you joy? From sharing a meal with your favorite people to enjoying a yoga class with a beloved friend, you can create your own tight-knit community with our new referral program.

For every person you refer who becomes a new neighbor, you’ll receive $2,500. It provides yet another incentive to share the enriching lifestyle available at The Providence with friends. If you’ve ever enjoyed a friendcation to an upscale resort, imagine living that carefree life with your best friends by your side.

With a host of lavish amenities to enjoy, you can pay a visit to Renew, our full-service spa; enroll in a course at our award-winning Watermark University; or plan a culturally rich excursion to Washington, D.C. The options are endless.

Although some may subscribe to the saying, “Good fences make good neighbors,” a study from Rutgers University found that such distance or low levels of contact is associated with declining levels of psychological well-being in seniors. The study, called, “Continuity and Change in Relationship with Neighbors: Implications for Psychological Well-being in Middle and Later Life,” revealed the pivotal role neighbors play in our overall health and happiness.

Whether it be providing regular social interaction or contributing more of what makes life worth living, it’s evident that our neighbors and the company we keep can boost our well-being and add to our quality of life.

Other studies reveal the powerful influence friendships have later in life. In fact, one study found that as we age, our friends tend to have a greater impact on our health and well-being, even more so than our families.

Thanks to our new referral program, it pays to have friends.